May 12, 2011 Edition of Nikkei Computer talks about COMPANY EC series Case study of introduction to Godiva Japan Inc.

Recently, COMPANY EC series was introduced in Nikkei Computer Magazine's popular column, "Locus of negotiation". 

Automation of sales and tackling marketing initiatives with the introduction of "COMPANY EC Series"

Before introducing our company's system to Godiva Japan, there were problems such as:

  • Manual work was interposed into the ordering and shipping procedures, and shipping of products took 5 days
  • System functions such as customer analysis, etc. were insufficient, which made sales promotion activities or customer service improvements difficult.

After introducing our company's EC package, the following effects were introduced:

  • Automation from receipt of order to product shipping instructions realized next-day shipments.
  • By utilizing CRM (customer relationship management) functions, preparations were made to tackle purchasing history analysis, etc. 

Renewing old features, the standard functions of "COMPANY EC Series" continue to expand.

The article first introduced the sentiment of the person in charge of the project, the senior manager of the IT Department at Godiva Japan, Inc., which was "Can I really accept you at face value?" In the beginning, when our company's sales representative explained the product concept "Customer requests are put into the product package as standard functions, so there is never any product customization (modification) and there is never any charge for function additions. If user companies perform version upgrades within those covered by the maintenance fee, they will get the functions they want.", the senior manager at Godiva Japan acknowledged that it was an attractive proposal, but he was suspicious as to whether as much service as was promised would really be provided.

There are many companies who are concerned about compromising between the functions at the time of introducing the EC package and additional charges.

Godiva is a company known for high-class Belgian chocolate. The Japanese corporation Godiva Japan, Inc. began investigating renewing their internet sales site that handles their company's products in the spring of 2009. More than 7 years had passed since the existing site was constructed, and the age of the functions had started to show. Also, since manual work had become part of the link with their distributor's system and this generated verification work, it took 5 days from receipt of an order to shipment of products. The article also talked about how they were not performing sales promotion activities using customer data, such as introducing premium services such as a point system, etc. for frequent buyers or recommending products based on past purchase history.

Godiva Japan determined that many of their demands could be realized by an EC package, and from the aspects of cost and development period length, development from scratch was eliminated from the proposals under investigation. In addition, of the proposals using EC packages, based on functions and price they narrowed the choices down to 2 proposals, ours and one other. Our competitor was a package vendor Company A who had a track record with internet sales. In the comparison by Godiva Japan, they judged that the functions of WAP's product were not comparable to those of Company A's product. However, our explanation that "We will continue to enhance standard functions without additional charges" certainly stands out when compared with other companies. However, at the beginning it is difficult to believe. So in order to verify whether we could actually do as had been explained, our representative asked Godiva Japan to make a list of the services and functions they would like to have realized on their internet sales site, and responded with the times required to implement each function. This answer convinced Godiva Japan and also proved to be more than they expected, and they formally started the process to select our company as their EC system partner.

The article also included questions and answers regarding Godiva Japan's concerns in the selection of our company.

Q: You say that you will make all of the company's requests standard functions in the package, but can you really do this?

A: I explained in detail that of the requests, some functions can be realized quickly and the implementation time required for others. This gained their trust.

Q: Were you able to meet their budget including operating fees?

A: I proposed billing with the operating fees linked to their sales. This makes it easier for profit and loss planning.

Q: Will you be able to meet the tight 3-month delivery schedule?

A: I presented documents showing the project manager's CV and track record, and promoted their performance capabilities.

In the future, we will continue to work hard in further product development to continue to make customers who introduce our EC package "COMPANY EC Series" used by numerous companies happy.

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