Launching of a cloud-compatible version of Works Applications' "COMPANY" HR Series utilizing Amazon EC2

~ Utilization of Amazon Web Services, Tokyo Region offers customers even more choices ~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”)  is pleased to announce the launching of versions of "COMPANY Attendance Management", our attendance-management system for major corporations, and "COMPANY Workforce Self-Service", our application and workflow system, that can operate on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (hereinafter "Amazon EC2") public cloud environment. In addition, as a hybrid cloud compatible version, the functions of our "COMPANY HCM & Payroll" have also been strengthened.

Launching of Amazon EC2 compatible versions of our packaged software "COMPANY" HR Series for major corporations

On this occasion, WAP has carried out major function improvements on its "COMPANY" HR Series, which boasts the #1 share (*1) as a human resource system for major corporations for 8 consecutive years, and has launched public-cloud-compatible versions, which had been difficult for major corporations to put into practice.

Benefits of launching of public-cloud-compatible versions of "COMPANY"

  • Hardware expenses can be reduced by more than 30% compared to operating on physical servers when a scale audience of 10,000 users is assumed. (Our company's investigation)
  • By utilizing the cloud, it is possible to ensure stable operation through load balancing and disaster recovery measures even when access is concentrated for a certain period of time.
  • Regarding the package, it is no different from the conventional package, and because it is a licensing fee system, costs are reduced on the hardware side, reducing costs after operation and thus enabling visualization of total costs.

(*1) 2002 to 2009 HR solution license sales share (end user delivery price basis) for major corporations (annual sales of 100 billion yen or more); Source: ERP/CRM Market Situation and Trends 2009-2010, Yano Research Institute Ltd.

Compatibility with a hybrid cloud taking into consideration security concerns

WAP established a team approximately 2 years ago dedicated to realizing the running of our core systems on Amazon EC2, and have accumulated a lot of R & D. Among those efforts, given the even greater concerns than with conventional systems regarding the security aspect of storing human resources data on the public cloud, it was decided to use a hybrid cloud format, in which a back office system is operated on premises (*2) to store confidential information and which can be operated only by limited administrators such as human-resources personnel, a front system is operated in the cloud for applications, attendance management, etc. and can be operated by all employees, and the two systems are linked. This format enables risks to be avoided.

Furthermore, when operating as described above, in order to enable data linking between the on-premise and cloud systems and processing to be performed at speeds comparable to conventional systems, the quality of the application side was improved, and it became possible to achieve operation that maintains speeds virtually equivalent to running all systems on premises.

Validation at the Amazon Data Center, Tokyo Region was started in advance.

In addition, at WAP, validation of the "COMPANY" series was started in advance in February at the Amazon Data Center, Tokyo Region (the second Amazon Web Services Asia Pacific area base), and system processing speed improvements as well as more stable operation were proven. By promoting public cloud research to further expand the functions of the new environment, we will broaden the choices on the hardware side and contribute to increasing customer IT return on investment.

(*2) "On-premise" means the format in which equipment is installed in facilities that are under the customer's management and software is installed and operated there instead of utilizing the cloud or virtualizing servers.

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