COMPANY E-Commerce Suits Implemented to Support Godiva E-Comerce Business

EC site renewal aiming at acquiring and nurturing loyal customers.

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”)  is pleased to announce that we have received orders from Godiva Japan, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Managing Director: Jerome Chouchan; hereinafter "Godiva Japan") for 4 "COMPANY EC Series" products: "COMPANY CMS", "COMPANY E‒Commerce", "COMPANY E‒Support", and "COMPANY E‒Marketing", and they are now in operation.

Improving the situation in which data has been divided by function with the aim of maximizing EC site sales

Godiva Japan, the premium chocolate maker which currently has more than 200 shops throughout Japan, in order to increase sales not only at stores but also through online shopping, has been exploring enhancing their marketing. Furthermore, in the operation of their existing EC site, since product management, customer management, and purchasing management are performed via separate systems, the flow from receiving an order to shipping the product is extremely inefficient and because the work is often performed manually, there are human errors and it has led to work becoming more complicated and an overreliance on certain personnel. Against this background, they have been investigating revamping their site with a new all-in-one system that covers all of the necessary functions.

Adoption of "COMPANY" with functions that go beyond the work system to include strategic marketing functions

In the selection of the system, they focused particularly strongly on the following 3 points and determined that "COMPANY" was the dominant choice.

  • A system which can centrally manage product, customer, and purchasing information, can enhance marketing based on such information, and which is a strategic system that can carry out activities from devising measures to increase sales to implementing such measures.
  • A system which implements the construction of the EC site (including a mobile site) and the entire series of operations from ordering of products, account settlement, picking, and shipment within its standard functions as fulfillment.
  • The common concept of all "COMPANY" series products of "Free-of-charge version upgrades" (*) so that the system can be used for a long time without any additional costs. 

Gradually developing new services using online as the starting point

Using "COMPANY" as the foundation, Godiva Japan centrally manages all of the shops that have opened in the online shopping mall and have embarked on collaborations between the actual stores and the online stores to promote multi-faceted marketing enhancements. With this renewal, they have newly achieved same-day shipping, expansion of membership services, flexible product search, etc. From these efforts, they aim to further enhance customer service, improve branding, and acquire and develop loyal customers with the expectation of long-term sales growth. We will continue to reflect the various voices of customers in real time and will implement various measures as needed.

* Free-of-charge version upgrades

For the enhancement and addition of the latest EC function trends and compatibility with future external technologies and architectures, version upgrades several times per year offer the latest package functions. This is a concept common to all "COMPANY" series products, that we will follow the changes of the times and continually enhance standard functions.

New online shopping site of Godiva Japan

Overall image of "COMPANY EC Series"

"COMPANY EC Series" is an integrated EC package that supports all kinds of work that lead to sales, and covers work from site construction, EC site management, sales/inquiries, to marketing/sales promotion.

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