Works Applications, in response to requests from customers, launches a free consulting service to provide support up to the execution of management strategies

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”)  is pleased to announce that we have launched a free-of-charge consulting service, "Business Application Assessment Service (nickname: BASE)" (hereinafter, "BASE") to customer businesses who have introduced and are using the mission-critical software package "COMPANY".

Free service for support up to the execution of business strategies

"BASE" is a free-of-charge service launched by the Maintenance Support Department in response to the question "Can't the usage status of information systems be utilized when attempting to carry out business reforms and resolving management issues?" from customer businesses who are using "COMPANY".

The range of offerings from this service is diverse, including business issue analysis, creation of statistical data, reports, and consulting, and enables multifaceted analysis of the business. In addition, the settings of "COMPANY" can be revised based on the analysis results, and support will be provided for work operation thereafter. In this way, customer businesses can receive this service that supports up to the execution of management strategies free of charge forever.

Achieving higher levels of work efficiency on top of reducing costs

Customers can now obtain the proposals for work improvements or IT strategies that they conventionally paid fees for to consulting firms, etc. from WAP as the package developer who provides integrated support up to actual function construction as a one-stop consignment, which can greatly reduce costs.

In addition, for customer companies who utilize the same structure of "COMPANY", by continually collecting information within the same framework, we can perform comparisons with past information for the same company over time, comparisons with the status of other companies, work improvements using the operating example of a company considered to be ideal as a benchmark, etc. to promote higher levels of work efficiency.

This service was offered to customers using products in the HR field prior to customers of other products, and was offered in advance from September 2010, with the service currently being performed at more than 180 companies. In the future, we will expand the offer to other fields such as AC Series, EC Series, SCM Series, etc. to further support increasing the work efficiency of customer companies.

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