Suntory Group adopts COMPANY Cash Management as its unified financial platform system

~Realizing a resilient financial system that can weather any storm~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) is pleased to announce that Suntory Holdings Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka; Chairman and CEO:  Nobutada Saji; hereinafter "Suntory") has placed an order with WAP for its product COMPANY Cash Management as the unified financial platform system for the group.

Suntory aiming to strengthen its financial constitution in reaction to internal and external changes in its business environment

Suntory, one of Japan's biggest conglomerates, is facing a major transitory period before it begins globalization efforts and its transition to a holding company. While this will lead to further breakthroughs in corporate growth, it also poses a number of new challenges from a financial management standpoint. Additionally, the company also desired to achieve compliance with IFRS and J‒SOX.
Given this backdrop, Suntory was concerned about the myriad of affects these changes would have on its financial affairs, such as the diffusion of funds, increasing procurement costs, as well as increasing credit risks. Because of this, the company was required to undertake initiatives to optimize the group's total capital efficiency and both maintain and strengthen a healthy financial constitution. Aiming to acquire these financial functions and the ability to flexibly deal with the issues they are facing, Suntory began to consider the purchase of a new financial management system.

COMPANY's flexibility backed up by seven years of proven performance

When selecting its new financial management system, Suntory required that the new system be capable of, among other things, reducing operational risks in transaction processing, appropriate handling of internal controls and risk management, and undergoing fast and reliable system changes during revisions of systems and standard.
COMPANY Cash Management was selected because it was the system that met these requirements. Further, Suntory has been using the HR Series COMPANY HR Solutions since 2004 for around seven years. The concepts shared by every product in the COMPANY series and the solid track record of installation and support provided to Suntory were the two biggest factors in its adoption of "COMPANY Cash Management."

Moving forward with financial reforms based on "COMPANY"

In order to always stay ahead of changes in the business environment, Suntory is aiming to review its work flows, output ledger sheets, and other traditional documents, based on "COMPANY Cash Management," which will receive free version updates for perpetuity. This way, the entire group will be able to standardize its financial management, increasing efficiency.

■   Traits of the COMPANY Cash Management Treasury Management Package
COMPANY Cash Management is a Treasury Management System (TMS) specialized in the support of financial management. Its large number of standard functionalities included unified management of loans receivable, loans payable, securities, derivatives, commercial paper, corporate bonds, time deposits, and other financial information. It is also of capable of financing management, such as financial forecasts and capital performance. Finally, it has group CMS (*) functionality, including pooling, netting, and payment agent capability.  

By unifying the capital management of each group company with "COMPANY Cash Management," a number of different tasks including cash concentration and disbursement , market risk management, transaction management, and journalizing can be managed with one system, greatly contributing to improved group operational efficiency.

【Overview of the COMPANY Cash Management system】

*CMS: A system for promoting the efficient use of capital by corporate groups by centrally managing the group's cash and liquid assets, and by adjusting the financial surpluses or deficits of each of the group companies.

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