WAP begins offering public cloud-compatible implementation service using Amazon EC2 for its "COMPANY" ERP package for major corporations

~Aiming to provide optimal infrastructure environments for enterprise resource planning packages that meet the market's needs~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) is pleased to announce that we have begun providing the new "COMPANY Workshop On Cloud" service, which utilizes the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) public cloud environment.

“We are excited to be working with Works Applications to accelerate the time to market for their ERP applications on Amazon Web Service platform,” said Terry Wise, Director of Business Development, Amazon Web Services. “Following extensive development and testing to meet Japanese customer’s requirements, this new offering from Works Applications will enable more customers to benefit from the flexibility, scalability and pay as you go approach that Amazon Web Services provides.”
WAP began development and testing public cloud-based package systems before any other ERP solution vendor. As a result, it developed Japan's first ERP package for major corporations utilizing the EC2 cloud from Amazon Web Services, solidifying its status as a solution vendor with high technical prowess.

Market conditions surrounding cloud computing

As cloud-based platforms have begun to gain wide general acceptance, major corporate consumers have begun to demand ways to reduce server operating costs for enterprise resource planning package systems that are not affected by infrastructure environments. However, introducing an enterprise resource planning system requires the preparation of multiple environments, which tends to inflate infrastructure investment. In addition, operating an enterprise resource planning package on a public cloud requires that the application itself is flexible enough to not be affected by business and external factors, or by infrastructure environments. Therefore, operating enterprise resource planning systems at major corporations on cloud platforms was considered to be infeasible.

The uniqueness of the COMPANY Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package's cloud compatibility

Based on the two concepts of "Customization-Free" (Note 1) and "Free Version Updates" (Note 2), WAP has provided COMPANY to approximately 850 major corporate customers. Further, its dedicated research department founded in 2008 is currently researching cloud technology and working on initiatives to accumulate high technical prowess and develop cloud-compatibility for COMPANY.

"COMPANY Workshop On Cloud," an initiative for developing cloud-based ERP packages

WAP has begun a new initiative called "COMPANY Workshop (Note 3) On Cloud", which will serve as a place where customers can verify for themselves whether public clouds are the optimal environment for their business. This will made it possible for customers to make a determination regarding the viability of public clouds during implementation. Towards this goal, WAP is also providing the "COMPANY Cloud Console (C3)" management console as a standard feature.

Future Developments

Currently, WAP has already created a customer environment for the COMPANY EC Series on Amazon EC2, which is currently being implemented. In the future, WAP will aim at implementing public cloud -compatibility for the entire COMPANY series.
Note 1: Customization-Free
COMPANY comes with the all the business functions required by all major corporations, regardless of industry or business type, as part of its standard functionality. Because adaptation of the software to the customer's business is achieved with parameter settings, it becomes possible to implement the system in a relatively short amount of time.
Note 2: Free Version Upgrades
WAP provides several free version updates per year to deal with changes to the external environment, such as changes in the law, changes to the internal company environment, such as internal controls,  and changes to infrastructure and architecture. In this way, it provides its customers with the latest package functionality. It is constantly expanding its products' standard functionalities to keep up with the changing times.
Note 3: COMPANY Workshop
COMPANY Workshop is a service where WAP provides customers who have newly implemented COMPANY or have introduced new functionalities with access to its dedicated in-house PJT room and network, and with support from its consultants. With the typical PJT method, vendor staffers visit the customer, have meetings with the client, and take any issues back with them. On the other hand, this service allows the customer to maximize their utilization of the resources while promoting communication between the development staff and consultants to communicate at the implementation site. Through this, work efficiency is greatly improved.

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