Works ranked #1 in "Best Companies to Intern For" for the fourth consecutive year

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) is pleased to announce that we have been ranked #1 in the 2010 "Best Companies to Intern For" (*) for the fourth consecutive year.

(*)Study by Jobweb

140,000 cumulative applications for WAP's internships

WAP has a strong desire to provide a place for students to find their own abilities, which drove it to start a student internship program called the "Problem Solving Ability Search Internship" in 2002.  In 2007, it was ranked #1 in "Best Companies to Intern For" for the first time.  In 2008 it was ranked #1 in the "Most Desired Internships" (study by Macromill). As of last year, a total of 10,000 students have participated in the internship, with a cumulative total of 140,000 applications, making it one of Japan's largest internships.

Find your own abilities, and reducing job hunting mismatch

Unlike lecture-style internships, this internship program is designed to allow students to determine their suitability for the business field. WAP hopes that by helping students learn their own abilities and suitability during their university careers, the current state of employment in Japan, where 30% of university graduates leave their jobs within three years, can be improved. In the future, WAP will provide opportunities not limited to internships for many students to find their own abilities,

Overview of 2010 Problem Solving Ability Search  Internship

Schedule    ・10 days between August to September 2010 *Schedule depends on location
Qualification ・Student at a four-year university (1st to 4th year) or graduate school
*No requirements for year (grade), department (science or liberal arts),  or desire to work for WAP
Lecturers    ・ Top consultants and engineers at WAP
Daily allowance     ・10,000 Yen
Unique traits    ・Students who show excellent performance are given standing job offers valid for up to five years.
Details  ・For more information, see our Recruiting Information page.        URL:

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