The Cosmo Oil Group overhauls its human affair system by adopting three COMPANY products

~ Four major wholesale oil companies adopt COMPANY~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) received an order of three products, COMPANY HCM & Payroll, COMPANY Workforce Self-Service, and COMPANY Attendance Management” from the Cosmo Oil Group including Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Cosmo Oil”). By overhauling its personnel system and adoption of COMPANY, Cosmo Oil is the fourth major wholesale oil company to adopt COMPANY.

When it is time to upgrade, introduce COMPANY 

When Cosmo Oil needed to upgrade the system, it conducted a cost review and considered the details required for the system. As a result, Cosmo Oil decided to adopt COMPANY after evaluating its advantages, such as abundant introduction achievement in listed companies, a high satisfaction rate, the merits of no additional costs after introduction, and visualization of future operation costs. WAP’s share in oil industry has expanded with the adoption of COMPANY by Cosmo Oil. By increasing the number of companies in the industry that use the same system, namely COMPANY, opportunity to share information between users increases, and various information exchanges are expected to be active.

Actual Conditions of Cosmo Oil

The previous personnel system by Cosmo Oil consisted of an ERP system as its main system, and multiple systems to complement it. Therefore, coordination between systems such as reflecting any updates in personnel information became complicated, and promoting efficiency in system maintenance and operation, ensuring stable security, and providing a flexible and rapid response for system revision became major issues.

Results of introducing COMPANY 

(1) Integrated management of personnel information achieved. By overhauling the system and integrating COMPANY to cover various operation functions, integrated management of personnel information has been achieved, and all personnel operations can respond by a single information update.

(2) Security when searching information is strengthened. Browsing authorization of personnel information is automatically updated and persons from the appropriate department can access only the necessary information, thus strengthening security.

(3) Efficiency of welfare operations is promoted. Japan has various welfare systems, such as a dormitory/company housing system and a retirement allowance system. Since COMPANY can respond to all these operations as a standard function, efficient operations can be expected.

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