Works Applications begins its Come Back Pass System for the re-employment of retired employees

~ A re-entry pass to the company will be issued, valid 3 to 5 years after the employee leaves the company, based on the employee’s past performance.~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) will begin its Come Back Pass System on December 1, for the re-employment of retired employees. In this system, upon request by the employee, a re-entry pass is given at the time of retirement, based on the recognition of certain level of past performance at the company, and is valid from 3 to 5 years after leaving the company.  When the employee requests re-employment at WAP, re-entry shall be honored unconditionally, regardless of the reasons for leaving the company.

Background leading to the introduction of the Come Back Pass System

With the thinking that the most important strategy in order to achieve maximum development, sales and support for package software is the recruitment of excellent personnel, WAP has actively recruited excellent personnel with abundant creativity and logical thinking since its establishment in 1996.  For internship graduate and undergraduate university students who achieve excellent performance during their 1-month internship period, WAP offers an entry pass which invites them to start working at the company within 3 to 5 years after completion of the internship program. Some students who received this pass have chosen to work at another company after graduation, but later decide to join WAP seeking a better environment to fully exercise their skills.  In consideration of these cases, WAP decided to implement the Come Back Pass System in order to secure excellent personnel over the long term, by granting re-employment to employees who have left WAP for various reasons.

Features of the Come Back Pass System

The best feature of the Come Back Pass System is that there are no limits regarding the reason for leaving the job in the first place. In many major companies, re-employment systems for former employees who have left the company due to job transfer of their spouses or to care for elderly parents have recently begun. However, WAP's reemployment system does not set any limits as to the reason for leaving the company. This also applies to employees who leave the company to take on new challenges such as working for another company or establishing their own.   With this system, WAP can even more actively secure excellent personnel with abundant creativity and logical thinking.  In addition to this Come Back Pass System, WAP will continue to offer superior programs which encourage excellent personnel to continue to exercise their skills.

Overview of the Come Back Pass System

Employees who meet the following two conditions are eligible for the system.
The applicant must request a comeback pass when asking to leave the company.
Past performance of the applicant at the company shall be evaluated by co-workers and a board member. The applicant shall obtain referrals from at least two persons in the company.

3 or 5 years after leaving the company, based on the evaluation results of past performances at the company.
Past years of service before one's leaving the company shall be added to the years of service after re-employment. As a result, the number of days of paid annual leave shall be determined according to the total sum of the years of service before leaving and after returning to the company.
An employee leaves the company due to a job transfer of his/her spouse, but then comes back to Tokyo a few years later and wishes to work at WAP again.
An employee decides to work at another company, but then later wishes to return to WAP, realizing that WAP is a great place for him/her to fully exercise his/her skills.
An employee goes to the States to study at a business school, and then wants to use the knowledge in business and experience acquired abroad at WAP and achieve self-fulfillment.
... etc.

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