WAP Launches WORKS MILK CLUB, A Long Term Child-Raising Policy to Support Female Employees

~ Offering a three-year childcare leave to maintain flexible work styles until their children graduate from an elementary school ~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) is pleased to announce that the company will launch WORKS MILK CLUB, a long term child-raising policy to support its female employees to maintain an environment, in which they can control a work-life balance after giving a birth to their children. It will be fully launched on December 1, 2005. Those eligible for the WORKS MILK CLUB are female employees, who wish to return to work after giving a birth / caring to their small children. The policy will offer step-by-step supports to them over a long period from the time of becoming pregnant till when the children graduate their elementary school.

Background of the installation of the policy

WAP maintains a labor environment, in which both males and females can blossom their skills regardless of their genders, and we have many sufficient female staff. However, some of them were worried about how to control their life balance between work and having a child, which is a huge event in everyone’s life. We have realized it is a loss for both of us – the company and workers - that talented staff has to give up their career, experience and working environment because of the birth/caring of their children. Therefore WAP has decided to install WORKS MILK CLUB to offer a possible support to staff, who is on a childcare leave or who just started working after giving birth to her child.

Our energetic female employees establish the projects.

One of the great features of WORKS MILK CLUB is that its activities are controlled under projects, which are designed by our energetic female employees, and they reflects a real voice of the employees, who demands for a “system to achieve a friendly work-environment”. They have established precise policies through a multiple number of discussions.

The club supports the employees for a long period in any aspects.

The other outstanding feature of the WORKS MILK CLUB is that it supports staff in a step-by-step manner over a long 12 year-period from the birth of a child till he/she finishes an elementary school to help them manage a balance between work and motherhood. WAP will continue to employ talented personnel and enthusiastically support them to maintain an environment and systems, in which our staff can still maximize their skills over a long period.


< Support before giving birth > ● Female staff can obtain days off after becoming pregnant ●If the staff continues to work, she can arrange flexible work days/time schedules. ● A Childcare Leave can be extended till the end of March after the child turns three years old. ● Participation in a monthly whole company meeting / Participation in an interactive parties held twice a year. ● Rental of a computer to be used at home ● Right to access to an in-house server of the company from home ● Cash gift for a birth of a child ● Reimbursement of the fees for social insurances and residential taxes (to be fixed after returning work) < After returning work> ● Offer of a special bonus for returning work (15% of an annual salary before leaving work) ● Given her work time will be short, she can adjust her work days and time flexibly. ● Paid holidays after returning work? Until she becomes eligible for a first paid holiday, the staff will be given a maximum of 12 days as paid holidays. ● Childcare paid holiday? Special paid holiday for a case where her child becomes sick or injured (up to five days per year)● Permission for commuting by her car ● Financial support for a day-care center and babysitter service from our welfare services.

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