WAP achieves partnership with Oracle Japan to create a One Stop Service

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) is pleased to announce that we have made a Certified Partner contract with Oracle Corporation Japan (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President Masaaki Shintaku; hereinafter “Oracle Japan”) of Oracle PartnerNetwork. The contract is about marketing and technologies related to the series of COMPANY, a package software of WAP’s basic processing system. We will offer comprehensive solutions as a “one-stop” service. We will implement promotional activities even more enthusiastically after it has become possible to offer comprehensive support / proposals with the COMPANY series, the nation’s No.1 processing package software (HR Solution*) and ORACLE DATABASE, a database of Oracle Japan. Moreover, this partnership contract has put WAP in a position as a solo support office for the basic processing package software and database. Oracle Japan continues to provide technical supports to WAP even more than before, and implement smooth installation and operational services by using the know-how and technologies of both companies.
* Reference: Yano Research Institute Ltd.
Enterprise Application Market for Major Companies: Year 2003
Sales Report for HR Solution License by Potential Vendors (prices based on those for end users)

One Stop Service to WAP’s clients

WAP has never directly provided services related to products of other suppliers, and used to recommend the clients to directly contact each vendor. However, there have been an increasing number of requests from the client companies to install COMPANY while managing relevant systems that are connected to the COMPANY series. WAP has been working on to meet such demand flexibly. Now this time, with an aim to enhance the sales of the processing package software and database, WAP has made a Certified Partner contract with Oracle Japan in order to maintain systems that can offer integrated solutions with added values. WAP will also enthusiastically respond to state-of-art technologies for the database of Oracle Japan.

Development of cooperative marketing

Both companies will cooperate in their business activities mainly for marketing. The first cooperative activity is to design a product brochure for the COMPANY Series in order for WAP to promote the products to its clients. We will use the advantages of the cooperation between both companies to the market widely in a sales activity to the clients or at exhibition venues. Other marketing activities are being planned such as cohosting a seminar for WAP’s clients, or a technician of Oracle Japan to join in a sales activity.

COMPANY AC series to meet Oracle Real Application Clusters

As the first cooperative technical activity, WAP’s COMPANY AC Series is to respond to Oracle Real Application Clusters, an Oracle’s cluster technology. This will make it possible for our clients to reduce excessive investments on new hardware by excluding coping abilities that are expected to be needed in the future. If higher processing abilities are needed than the time of installation, we can fix it flexibly. At the same time, a risk of operational disturbances due to system errors is reduced. After the technical cooperation this time, Japan Hewlett Packard Company offered a hardware support by lending two of HP Integrity Server rx2600 with Intel Itanium ® for operation verification.

About Oracle Real Application Cluster

Oracle Real Application Cluster is a new database clustering function based on Cache Fusion architecture, which is employed from Oracle8i, Oracle’s database management software that has a dominant share in the global market. Traditional database clustering functions could damage the characteristic of each node as the number of node increases. But the new function has made it possible to maintain the character to be directly proportional to the increase of the number of node. Adding node by Oracle Real Application Clusters can not only improve the whole systems but also maintain the reliability even the damage of single or multiple node occurs because the rest of node can continue to operate.  

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