Harvard Business School’s know-how to be applied to WAP’s mid-career recruitment system to enhance WAP's marketing power

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) is to introduce on April 1, 2005 a new mid-career recruitment system with an aim to discover people with a problem solving skill, which is designed by GLOBIS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “GLOBIS”) based on its MBA program.

Find talents that are needed for WAP’s marketing activity through the selective program

Those who enter for WAP under this system will be put in the MBA program, designed based on the know-how of Harvard Business School, for the first three months after being employed. Through the short-term concentrative program, we try to find staff with a problem-solving skill that is required in the sales department of WAP, and a consultation sales ability to deal with major companies, which is said to need for three years or more to nurture. The participants are given high level issues during the program, which determine their qualifications. Only those who succeed in completing the selective MBA program will be assigned to the sales department of WAP, and start participating in actual work activities.

Recruit talents with high problem-solving skills through tough challenges for a short period

The recruitment system is targeted at university graduates aged up to 29 years old, who has an experience of employment. After passing a paper exam and an interview, the participants learn about business management strategies, marketing knowledge, and frameworks of logical thinking through the MBA program, which is required for sales activities to major companies of WAP’s clients. The lectures are conducted at a speed of a top student, and the participants deal with many difficult issues during the lecture period. The purpose of the program is to find a talent, which is strong enough to beat others in a tough competition. Students whose results are acknowledged through the lecture will be assigned to the sales department after the completion of the program, and are expected to blossom their talent in actual business fields at OJT (on the job training).

All the major departments establish its own recruitment systems including the development and consultant departments

Aiming to reduce costs for company information management with a package software, WAP has developed COMPANY, a basic processing package software for major companies, and implement marketing/maintenance activities. In order to strengthen the ability of the product, the company has enthusiastically employed mid-career staff in different industries / fields regardless of the history of their career. The development and consultant departments has already established their unique scholarship system, in which newly employed staff with no experience in IT industry are put in a five-month training to bring their skills to as high as those of staff with five-year experience in the industry. However, the sales department did not have any training systems previously. The sales department in WAP requires personnel with sufficient talents because the consultation sales activities that target at major companies are extremely difficult. WAP has completed all the necessary recruitment systems in its major departments by employing the MBA program to the sales department, which reflects the great achievement and experience gained at the scholarship system, and WAP attempts to enhance the sales ability in addition to the existing productivity.

Effectively using the know-how of GLOBIS, WAP aims to gain even better talents

As a private business school that produces business leaders for next generations, who are dedicated to creation and innovation around the world, GLOBIS has developed a global business management school since 1992, which are highly acknowledged with its solid curriculums and lecturers. WAP has always received support from GLOBIS for recruitment activities, and this time with GLOBIS’ MBA program applying to the recruitment process, it is expected to find more personnel with better talents as the program was designed based on the know-how of Harvard Business School. A seminar is to be co-held by WAP and GLOBIS on January 16 (Sun) and February 5 (Sat), 2005. The seminar will have a lecture of Mr. Yoshito Hori, a president of GLOBIS, and hopefully it attracts many participants regardless of their purposes. Targeting at young business people, the seminar will develop discussions from a viewpoint of the latest business trend such as the ideas of skills and career, etc. 

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