Aiming to nurture independent staff, Wacoal installs a new HCM system

Using COMPANY, the company promotes an authority transfer between departments.

Along with the launch of a new HCM system to nurture more independent staff, Wacoal Corporation (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture; President: Yoshikata Tsukamoto; hereinafter “Wacoal”) has decided to employ COMPANY, a basic processing package software for major companies, which are produced by Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”). Since April this year, the company has been using COMPANY HCM & Payroll for their staff of approx. 6,000. And in fall, it will employ COMPANY Workforce Self-Service as a staff development tool.

Innovation of staff management systems that adequately evaluate and maximize the skills of employees

With the aim to maximize the ability of their staff, Wacoal installed a new HCM system in April this year. The purpose of the installation is to adequately evaluate achievements, abilities, and skills of staff based on the management strategies and business strategies and to match the pay / benefits to their labor. This can realize a dynamic business operation and achieve an improvement of business values. COMPANY was employed this time by Wacoal as a basic processing system that supports their new HCM management systems.

Enhancement of line personnel management for high quality individuals to create high quality organizations

In order to nurture independent employees, who is capable of producing high added-values, the new personnel system will enthusiastically promotes a self-career establishment to the employees. As part of it, Wacoal has decided to enhance the function of its line management system. By clarifying missions of each department, the company allocates the responsibilities and authorities of staff development to each line managers with the focus on producing high quality individuals to create high quality organizations. Now the company aims to improve the value of its employees by promoting them to develop themselves, achieve self-realization and gain high satisfaction by working for Wacoal. With the purpose of smooth operations of this system and unveiling strategic information on HCM, Wacoal will install COMPANY Workforce Self-Service this fall to use it as a personnel nurturing tool.

Flexible tool that can meet various employment conditions

At Wacoal, the ratio of staff working under fixed term contracts has increased seen mainly in the sales department, which is expected to continue in the future. Such contracts require various requirements to process because each contract has different conditions for payrolls and labor. COMPANY can easily adapt to such diversity of business processing and manage various employment styles, which is one of the factors that Wacoal has strongly applauded.

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