SONY Group installs COMPANY as its new HCM & payroll systems

WAP’s COMPANY to be installed by SONY Group as its new HCM & Payroll system

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) is pleased to announce that we have delivered COMPANY HCM & Payroll system, our processing package software, to SONY Corporation and SONY’s electronics related companies in Japan as their new HCM and payroll systems. Some of the companies have already launched the systems that are linked to our package software.

Background of the installation

COMPANY HCM & Payroll system of WAP has been employed by SONY Group to apply to the area of their HCM and payroll processing in the platform system for integrated personnel information, which can be shared by each company of SONY Group. As the first step, we have delivered the system to SONY EMCS Corporation (SONY EMCS) in April, 2003. Despite the big number of its employees of approx. 14,000, SONY EMCS has succeeded in launching the system only within seven months. Some of the other companies in SONY Group also plan to install the system within the same period of time.

High functionality of COMPANY

The outstanding features of COMPANY are, compared to other products, the standard functions are more sufficient, and it doesn’t require additional expenses for “No Customization”. WAP has developed the system based on the results of thorough surveys on HCM and payrolls of Japanese companies in any industries and fields, in order to maintain the flexibility of the software to adapt to any businesses as a package. To install the software, only setting of parameters is required to match to conditions of individuals. No customization to individual data is needed unlike traditional packages. In the future, COMPANY will be used as a part of sharing platforms for SONY electronics related companies in Japan. We have delivered the software this time to SONY Corporation, SONY Marketing Inc, and SONY EMCS. Following SONY EMCS, which launched the system in April, the other companies will start using the system within this year. The final number of the targeted employees within the whole SONY Group is estimated to be approx. 40,000, which is the largest in the WAP’s history.

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