Aoyama Gakuin School re-establishes its HCM and payroll systems using COMPANY

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) is pleased to announce that we have received an order for COMPANY, a package software for HCM systems for major companies, from Aoyama Gakuin School Corporation (Address: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Director: Yuji Hasaka; hereinafter “Aoyama Gakuin”).

First school corporation to employ COMPANY

Aoyama Gakuin has many facilities in the metropolitan area from kindergarten and an elementary level to university / postgraduate school. In order to centralize HCM information and payroll calculations of its 3,000 staff and teachers, the school has selected COMPANY, developed by WAP. Aoyama Gakuin used to process information on HCM and payrolls with general purpose machines. But this time Aoyama Gakuin has selected COMPANY after reviewing package selections with aims to improve efficiencies of business processes and to achieve cost reduction. COMPANY, a package software designed especially for major companies, has been introduced by more than 130 major companies. Aoyama Gakuin is the first school corporation, who has ordered COMPANY.

Flexibility to meet rapid changes in school systems

Japan has been seeing a rapid decline of birthrate in recent years, and it has been said that all the students will enter universities after FY 2009. Therefore, schools especially private schools have started reviewing its staff evaluation systems and employment conditions for their teachers and staff in order to maintain a competitiveness to be able to provide better services to students. The future systems for HCM and payroll must be able to flexibly meet such changes. Especially Aoyama Gakuin has been looking for package software, which can respond to changes in systems, etc. including social insurance, etc. and completely handle business processes that occur particularly at a school corporation. The school has chosen COMPANY from a numerous amount of similar packages.

First step to promote COMPANY to school corporations

COMPANY, a software package which can respond to any businesses, continues to upgrade its standard features to meet the demands of the users. More numbers of major companies in different fields has employed the system, therefore it is easy for companies to introduce the software if there are businesses in the same industry which have accepted COMPANY. Therefore, WAP hopes the contract with Aoyama Gakuin for the HCM & Payroll systems becomes a trigger of the promotion to other school corporations.

Sales expansion of COMPANY University Edition, a package software for school corporations

With the cooperation with Aoyama Gakuin, WAP will widely improve the functions of COMPANY to design a new package software that is suitable for the use of school corporations. The new software will be released as “COMPANY University Edition”. WAP will attempts to expand its targets not only to usual major companies but also private schools.

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