Asahi Shimbun re-establishes its HCM & Payroll system with COMPANY

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) is pleased to announce that we have received orders for COMPANY, a package software designed for the use of major companies, from The Asahi Shimbun Company (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Shinichi Hakojima; hereinafter “Asahi Shimbun”).

Introduction of COMPANY systems of HCM & Payroll, Attendance Management and Workforce Self-Service

While promoting a system re-establishment in a scale of the whole company, Asahi Simbun launched the development of new systems for HCM and payroll for the all their employees of approximately 7,000. However, instead of establishing new systems by themselves or consigners, the company has decided to introduce the systems of HCM & Payroll, Attendance Management and Workforce Self-Service of COMPANY, the industry’s leading software for major businesses.

Acceleration of the package introduction for the re-establishment of basic operation systems

COMPANY is highly adaptable to most of systems. The package software continues to update while maintaining its ability to accommodate to requests from clients’ companies, which has encouraged us to enhance the sales to major businesses in various industries. It is especially easy to install the system to a company in the same industry as those who have already installed COMPANY. Now, with the contract with newspaper giant Asahi Shimbun for the installation of COMPANY, it is highly expected that the sales of the package software will accelerate for the HCM and Payroll systems in the newspaper industry.

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