Taking Information Investment Efficiency to a Whole New Level

ERP for integrated management of various resources such as people, things and capital, was born in the 1990's, and thereafter came to be used by companies all over the world as a typical enterprise system for achieving overall optimization of a business.

However, since laws and business customs differ from country, many major companies were forced to customize ERP with huge cost and manpower. In order to solve this serious problem, Works Applications has developed customization-free software forced to customize ERP with huge cost and manpower.

No matter where you work, Works Applications significantly improves your productivity with our enterprise software solution.

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Provide The Best Workplace to Grow for Entrepreneurial Works

"Developing Customization-free software for enterprises all over the world".

Only extremely talented individuals can fulfil this challenging mission. Employees in Works Applications are entrepreneurial workers with high problem-solving skills that combines logical thinking ability and creative thinking ability. We have built an ideal workplace for them, where they can demonstrate and maximize their ability to create new value from scratch.

Our mission is to continuously provide ”exciting fields” for ambitious and talented people from around the globe.




Believing in the Power of Innovation at All Enterprises

On the other hand, what has happened with systems used at enterprises?

Operations such as inputting and searching through massive amounts of data, creating printed materials, among others, have hardly changed at all between the past and now. Enterprise applications have no convenience like consumer applications, speed is exceedingly slow, they are difficult to use, and people continue to be overwhelmed by routine work. In other words, people are unable to exhibit their abilities to the fullest due to the massive amounts of routine work done on difficult-to-use systems.

And then we realized:

Until now, ERP systems have helped in the integration of information, but have fallen short of increasing the overall happiness at the workplace. From the aspect of individual performance, return on information investment has hardly improved at all. We are determined to destroy the established concepts of ERP and create entirely new enterprise applications.We aim to free all workers from routine work and create time for them to focus on more creative work, which is the kind of work that we thrive on.

Taking Information Investment Efficiency to a Whole New Level
Believing in the Power of Innovation at All Enterprises

Our challenge continues.



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