Financial Management Series

AI WORKS reduces data entry while predicting future tasks using Artificial Intelligence.



AI is not just a buzz word. Works Applications has developed a new kind of system that leverages the latest in cloud computing, computational algorithms and data management to deliver a product that truly saves you time and money.


Imagine, having time consuming reports automatically generated for you, having invoices entered for you or having bills paid based on an intelligent set of standards. This and more is now possible with AI WORKS.


Works Applications listens to its customers by incorporating features that you’ll use on a daily basis. These features are optimized from your input, creating a system by users for users.



Features Include:

-       Financial and Managerial Accounting

-       Receivables Management

-       Payables Management

-       Debt Management

-       Magic Paste: Instant import of PDF text

-       Asset Management

-       General Purchasing Management