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Just like a talented secretary. The new product "AI WORKS", a next-generation ERP system that will "eliminate input" from world businesses.

It is a next-generation ERP system that thoroughly pursues response and convenience. Through "AI WORKS", Works makes it possible for everyone working at a company to focus on more creative and valuable work.




AI WORKS is equipped with artificial intelligence.


AI WORKS can understand ambiguity just like a person does. In the past, you needed to lay out detailed settings in advance or perform complicated operations yourself to enable the system to understand your intentions. AI WORKS has human-like flexibility built into the system that enables it to understand the situation and read between the lines, such as dealing with typing errors, so that it can be used from the very first day without causing you any stress to perform speedy operations.

AI WORKS combines this with remarkable predictive capabilities. Based on your past actions and massive amounts of accumulated information, AI WORKS predicts what kind of information you're looking for at that moment, and offers the optimum information.


The more you use it, the more it learns the trends of your thinking and actions, allowing it to grow into a more sophisticated personalized system.




AI WORKS achieves high speed by basing everything in the cloud.


"An instant" is generally said to be perceived as 100msecs. In order to realize the true meaning of convenience, the desired numbers, information, and answers must appear right then, right there. Regardless of how advanced and useful the features are, if it takes time for the results to appear, we can’t call that convenient.


The greatness of AI WORKS is that it achieves high speed by bringing into the ERP world the same cloud technology used by consumer applications such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

The high-speed ERP system AI WORKS was created by first destroying the usual preconceptions regarding ERP systems, before overcoming various technical difficulties. Be sure to try it for yourself – you can even try to blink before the system displays results.




Why not utilize the knowhow of successful companies, crystallized and built into AI WORKS?


AI WORKS is a so-called "treasure chest" system, containing the accumulated business knowhow from various customers collected through the approximately 20 years since the founding of WAP.

The system itself evolves through continually incorporating the knowhow from all customer usage examples and responses to requests regarding functions. The result is that all functions developed in response to the unique operations at companies and organizations across various industries are equipped as standard functions.


AI Works has already crystallized into its system the knowledge of more than several thousand successful companies, and you can be sure that what you are using is based on countless success stories.

The effective human resource strategy of the company next door could become your company's best practice. Just introducing the AI WORKS system will open up possibilities, giving you access to the accumulated knowhow of several thousand successful companies.

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