Kyushu Sangyo University Adopts “AI WORKS” as its Comprehensive Personnel System

Aims for improved productivity by centralizing personnel information of faculty and staff and automating simple tasks

[Translation of press release in Japanese]
Kyushu Sangyo UniversityWorks Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter "WAP") today announced the purchase of 6 products including “AI WORKS HR Core,” “AI WORKS Payroll,” “AI WORKS Attendance Management,” and “AI WORKS Talent Management” by Nakamura Sangyo Gakuen Educational Association, Kyushu Sangyo University, Kyushu Sangyo University, Zokei Junior College of Art and Design (Headquarters: Fukuoka; Chairman: Tokihisa Ichinose; hereinafter “KSU”).

Increased workload due to manual tasks impeding work style innovation

KSU has established its founding ideal -unification of industry and academia- which they pursue in their strong belief that “industry and academia must be unified to interactively work like two wheels of a vehicle to meet the societal needs of the times.” Driven by this philosophy, the university provides community-based learning opportunities, including “KSU project-based education,” an industry-academia collaborative effort involving over 130 local companies, governmental offices, and the community. In recent trends of declining birthrates and universities restructuring for survival, KSU implements large-scale reorganization of faculties and departments and other educational reforms with an outlook for the university’s 60th anniversary in 2020. At the same time, KSU is working on work style innovation for faculty and staff by implementing various approaches including effective labor management and development, evaluation, and treatment of human resources focused on skill development.

On the other hand, as the personnel system at KSU has not been renovated for optimum business operations due to obsolescence and increasing complexity of the system, the university has been facing problems of increased workload and lowered productivity because of unsystemized human resources procedures including evaluation management, pay raise and promotion management. To solve these problems, KSU has selected “AI WORKS” as its comprehensive personnel system that helps to reduce the workload by systemizing business operations and to improve productivity by automating simple tasks.

Aiming for improved productivity by centralizing the personnel system and automating operations

KSU has selected “AI WORKS” for two major benefits. WAP is committed to the work style innovation at KSU and supports its operational improvement by taking advantage of user cases and know-how based on our track record of success in implementation to more than 50 educational corporations.

1. Centralized management of personnel operations in one system

“AI WORKS” delivers integrated management of personnel operations to reduce futile, redundant input tasks and confirmation work, enabling centralized management of personnel information of faculty and staff. The system helps to properly identify the actual situation of work, reflect training and evaluations to pay raise and promotion, and assign faculty and staff based on the areas of their researh.

2. Automated operations and suggestions to reduce simple tasks and shift the workforce to higher-value-added operations

Designed to “improve usability of end users and eliminate routine work,” “AI WORKS” employs machine learning to automatically process inputs, visual confirmation, inquiry handling and analysis. In addition, “AI WORKS” learns operations and suggests tasks to be performed in advance to prevent overlooked operations and delays.

Features of “AI WORKS” that improve productivity through automated operations

“AI WORKS” is an AI-infused enterprise software solution which combines functionality designed for large enterprises with productivity tools and advanced AI technologies. Grounded in our unique business model, “AI WORKS” was developed and shaped with operational know-how accumulated from 1,300 large group companies over the past 20 years. “AI WORKS” learns and analyzes a massive amount of operational log data generated from daily operations using the AI (machine learning) technologies, and provides every employee with a personal assistant to promote transformation of companies’ business operations.


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