YKK China Investment Selects COMPANY as a Group-wide Personnel Management Platform

- Integrated Control over 13 Local Affiliates, about 9,000 Employees -

We are pleased to announce that Works Applications China Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, PRC; Chairman: Tadashi Ikarugi; hereinafter “WAP China”; a subsidiary of Works Applications Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan) has received an order for COMPANY HCM & Payroll and COMPANY Attendance Management from YKK China Investment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai; President: Kazuto Daimon; hereinafter “YCI”; a China-based subsidiary of YKK Corporation).

YKK Group, a top brand in the global fastener business—integrated personnel management to cover more than 9,000 employees at China group affiliates

Since its founding in 1934, the YKK Group has continually advanced into new manufacturing frontiers, such that its two core businesses—fastening and architectural products—are now deployed within 71 countries/ regions around the globe. In fastening products, as in window sashes, doors, and all manner of other architectural products, YKK is a global leader with a well-earned reputation for quality.

YKK’s China presence dates back to the 1992 founding of Shanghai YKK Zipper. In 2002, management followed by establishing YCI to serve as a regional headquarter to support further growth in that nation. YCI has since grown to cover 12 business companies, 78 offices and approximately 9,000 employees.

In pursuit of efficiency, YCI has been integrating its accounting/financial and core business systems. With regards to its personnel management, however, the group has mainly relied on differing systems built to differing specifications at differing group companies, making it difficult to accommodate changes to local laws or company-specific practices. Here, YCI management came out with a “One China” initiative, which calls for an introduction of an integrated, group-wide personnel management system to resolve such issues and to more efficiently manage group-wide personnel resources throughout China. This is to entail system renewals at two large entities, Shanghai YKK Zipper and YKK Zipper Shenzhen, followed by stepwise replacements at other China-based group companies. It is also to be taken as an opportunity to reform personnel management practices throughout China, improve efficiency, standardize management/control standards and reinforce internal control.

COMPANY—to enhance work flexibility, reinforce internal control, and facilitate the group-wide utilization of personnel resources throughout China

Management’s decision to go with COMPANY as an integrated personnel system for its China-based group entities is based on particularly high assessments of the following points.

  1. No need for customized installation; free upgrades to accommodate regional legal revisions

An integration of YCI personnel systems/practices is to (a) support timely managerial decision-making and (b) strengthen internal control by providing quick access to labor/personnel information under uniform standards across China-based group entities. Here, COMPANY, with its rich assortment of features/functions, offers the flexibility to meet the assorted characteristics and needs of group companies, including an ability to accommodate differing personnel practices.

And, through free upgrades to accommodate legal revisions COMPANY can also reduce the system costs entailed by such changes.

  1. Ability to support future China-based YKK Group personnel initiatives

Hiring, reassignment, promotion, departure—COMPANY provides a platform for managing the full range of employee transitions within a single database and, in under this initiative, is to support the smooth rotation and optimal placement of human resources among China-based group companies. Also, by keeping track of employment histories, it will certainly be useful when considering whom to rehire.

Plans for the YKK China group call for COMPANY to first be applied to the fastener business and then laterally extended to the architectural products business, with the data thus accumulated to possibly be used within a prospective upgrade to AI WORKS, the next-generation AI-infused ERP solutions. We at WAP China look forward to providing the YKK Group with further system-level support as it works to expand its China operations and raise the efficiency of its IT investments.

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