Pigeon Corp. builds e-commerce site for British baby brand "Mamas & Papas" with "COMPANY EC Series"

~An e-commerce site-building package with all the features needed to operate an e-commerce site~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) is pleased to announce that we have built an e-commerce site using the COMPANY EC Series for the British baby brand "Mamas & Papas," which has recently debuted in Japan. The brand is marketed in Japan exclusively by Pigeon Corp., which deals with the manufacture and sale of infant, maternity, and nursing goods. The "Mamas & Papas" site opened this year on February 14, and orders began shipping today.

The COMPANY EC Series comes with all the functions needed by an e-commerce business

"COMPANY EC Series" is comprised of four products (refer to attached material).  This  all-in-one package for large e-commerce operators is capable of handling all the functions needed to operate an e-commerce site with its standard functionalities. These functions include product listings, received orders, inventory and purchasing management, shipping and delivery designation, and billing.

It is also capable of constructing separate sites for multiple brands, naturally with mobile device-compatibility. Its other features include mail-order shopping and internet supermarket capability, the ability to link customer loyalty programs with those of existing stores, and the ability to centrally manage customer information and sales data from a variety of sales channels.

Further, the package provides a wide range of business support, such as web marketing tools for attracting more customers and improving sales, including analysis and email delivery tools, as well as the ability to link with mission-critical systems.

In addition, WAP has an in-house research department dedicated to researching and testing cutting-edge technologies to allow e-commerce businesses to handle the increased amount of data that comes with future business expansion.

This research has made it possible to provide "COMPANY EC Series" over a hybrid cloud. This combination of a public and private clouds provides an information infrastructure capable of processing a massive amount of information, as well as high-level security and flexible expandability.

Pigeon leverages COMPANY EC Series for its new business

When starting their "Mamas & Papas" business (http://www.mamasandpapas.jp/), Pigeon chose the COMPANY EC Series because it gave them the ability to centralize multiple types of information from a variety of sales channels, including their mail-order and e-commerce businesses, as well as their mobile site. By doing this, Pigeon gained the ability to collaborate with customers, members, and product masters to tailor email newsletters, customer loyalty programs, and sales campaigns for each of their target demographics.

Further, Pigeon is utilizing the COMPANY EC Series' multi-tenant function to gradually renew its existing "PIGEON Mall" (http://www.pigeonmall.jp/) e-commerce site on the same infrastructure.

Committing to providing COMPANY to a rapidly-growing e-commerce market

In recent years, the number of people using blogs, SNS (social networking services), and CGM(Consumer Generated Media) has greatly expanded, while the use of 3G mobile devices has rapidly spread. These developments have led to explosive growth in B to C (business to consumer) e-commerce. According to an announcement by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) on the size of the domestic e-commerce markets in fiscal 2008, the size of the B to B (business to business) e-commerce market was 159 trillion yen, while the B to C e-commerce market was 6.1 trillion yen. In particular, it announced predictions that the B to C e-commerce market would grow to 14 trillion yen in fiscal 2014.

Meanwhile, in the past WAP has provided ERP packages such as the HCM (HR) Series, AC (accounting) Series, and SCM Series to approximately 800 major corporations. Following the growth of the e-commerce market, more and more major corporations began marketing their products on their own websites as a new sales channel. Following this trend, a number of site construction software packages existed. However, the market's demand for a package covering everything from total information management and analysis to marketing had yet to be satisfied.

In order to meet those needs, WAP developed a unified e-commerce site construction package based on the unique concepts of COMPANY.

WAP will continue to commit to providing the COMPANY EC Series as an all-in-one package for comprehensively supporting the e-commerce business of major corporations.

*Source: Nomura Research Institute December 2009 presentation materials

COMPANY EC Series Product Lineup

・COMPANY E‒Commerce

This e-commerce site construction system provides total support for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the e-commerce sites of major corporations. It provides the capability to manage received orders, products, shipping, site administration, and other sales tasks in one place.

・COMPANY E‒Support

This system centralizes the management of multi-channel customer support tasks. Centralizing the management of replies to the customer queries (from web forms, emails, and phone calls) that are a major part of operating of an e-commerce site gives users the ability to provide their customers with fast and accurate support.


This is a content management system specializing in website design and the operation and management of site content.  From design construction to server distribution and content management, even users without any specialized skills can operate sites tailored to their products.

・COMPANY E‒Marketing

This is a marketing system that analyzes a site's operation from multiple angles and viewpoints in order to improve its competitiveness. From email promotions to promoting repeat sales, it provides total support for web marketing activities.

■   System Diagram 

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